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Maxus eDeliver 9 EV

Viable. Roomy. Practical. And 100% electric.
All New
MAXUS eDeliver 9 EV
With its distinctive design, the Maxus eDeliver 9 has a remarkably strong appearance. The distinctive LED headlight units, the large Maxus logo protecting the charging socket and the rugged front bumper accentuate the impression of luxury and strength.

This smooth style is also reflected in the modern design. Contemporary details give a sense of the luxury that can be found in the interior.

  • WLTP Range
    50 KWH
  • DC FAST CHARGE 0 – 80%
    45 min
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Roomy. Powerful. Luxurious. And 100% electric.

A new standard in the electric commercial vehicle market
The new Maxus eDeliver 9 is a reference in its class. Powerful, spacious and always full options.

The Maxus eDeliver 9 is designed as an electric vehicle. Maxus has opted for a lightweight EV platform with eDeliver 9 . This platform ensures a lower curb weight, which in turn results in a higher payload and lower power consumption.

Due to the excellent performance of the powertrain, the Maxus eDeliver 9 allows you to tow a 1,500 kg trailer , which is unique in its class.

With a choice of three battery packs of up to 89 kWh , two lengths and two heights, there is always a bus that suits you.

In terms of options, Maxus opts for one trim level, the most comprehensive . All imaginable options are standard on all Maxus eDeliver 9 models.

In addition, all Maxus eDeliver 9 models are equipped as standard with a 3-phase AC charging option and an up to 80 kW DC charging option.

Plenty of space
The Maxus eDeliver 9 offers you an accessible loading space of no less than 9.7, 11 or 12.5 m3 and a useful loading capacity of up to 1,350 kg, depending on the chosen battery. Thanks to the large sliding door, you can load and unload quickly, even in tight spaces.
Two wheelbases
You can choose from two wheelbases: medium (L2H2) or large (L3H2). The L2H2 version offers you a cargo space of 9.7 m 3 . If you choose the L3H2 version, you have a loading space of 11 m3. In addition, Maxus also offers you an L3H3 configuration, with a raised roof and a maximum permissible mass of 4.05 tonnes (N2), good for a payload of 12.5 m3 and a payload of up to 1,350 kg.
Finished cargo area
The loading space of the Maxus eDeliver 9 is well finished. The floor is covered with anti-slip material and the walls are finished to half the height as standard.

Very handy are the rear doors that open up to 270 degrees.

Sizes and weights
  L2H2 N1 L3H2 N1 L3H3 N1 L3H3 N2
  52 kWh 72 kWh 52 kWh 72 kWh 89 kWh 52 kWh 72 kWh 89 kWh 89 kWh
External dimensions  
Length 5,546 mm 5,546 mm 5,940mm 5,940mm 5,940mm 5,940mm 5,940mm 5,940mm 5,940mm
Width  2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm 2,062 mm
Height 2.525mm 2.525mm 2.525mm 2.525mm 2.525mm 2,755mm 2,755mm 2,755mm 2,765mm
Wheelbase 3,366mm 3,366mm 3,760mm 3,760mm 3,760mm 3,760mm 3,760mm 3,760mm 3,760mm
Side door width 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm 1,269mm
Side door height 1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm  1,570 mm 
Turning circle 6.7 m 6.7 m 7.4 m 7.4 m 7.4 m 7.4 m 7.4 m 7.4 m 7.4 m
Internal dimensions  
Cargo space volume 9.7m 3 9.7m 3 11 m 3 11 m 3 11 m 3 12.5m 3 12.5m 3 12.5m 3 12.5m 3
Cargo space length 3,019mm 3,019mm 3,413mm 3,413mm 3,413mm 3,413mm 3,413mm 3,413mm 3,413mm
Load space width 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm 1,800 mm
Load space width between wheel arches 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm 1,366mm
Maximum cargo space height 1,792 mm 1,840 mm 1,792 mm 1,792 mm 1,792 mm 2.020 mm 2,019 mm 2,019 mm 2,019 mm
number of seats 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Maximum allowed mass 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 3,500 kg 4,050 kg
curb weight 2,300 kg 2,460 kg 2.340kg 2,520 kg 2,640 kg 2,370 kg 2.550kg 2,670 kg 2,700 kg
Payload capacity 1,200 kg 1,040 kg 1,160 kg 980 kg 860 kg 1,130 kg 950 kg 830 kg 1,350 kg
Maximum load front axle 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg 1,950 kg
Maximum load rear axle 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 1,900 kg 2,300 kg
UP TO 12.5 M³
UP TO 1,350 KG
Surprisingly luxurious and comfortable.
Complete standard equipment
The Maxus eDeliver9 is particularly fully equipped. Front and rear parking sensors and air conditioning are standard. In addition, the Maxus eDeliver9 has standard seat heating and a 10-inch touchscreen with reversing camera and Apple Carplay/Android Auto.
Luxurious and comfortable
The Maxus eDeliver9 offers the seating comfort of a spacious, luxurious passenger car. Three seats with spacious, perfectly shaped seats and height-adjustable belts provide all the support and comfort, even for longer journeys. The driver’s seat is extensively adjustable and has an adjustable armrest.
Sophisticated ergonomics
The ergonomics of the Maxus eDeliver 9 are of a high level with the well-arranged instrument panel and the buttons that are nicely within reach. The design and finish of the dashboard enhances the luxury feeling on board.
Complete connectivity
In the center of the beautifully finished dashboard is a 10-inch touchscreen, which seems to have been plucked from a luxury car. The screen offers you all smartphone connectivity, is compatible with Apple Carplay and Android Auto and is linked to a reversing camera.
Technical ingenuity. Unseen performance.
Powerful electric motor
The electric motor of the maxus eDeliver 9 delivers a power of 204 hp and a maximum torque of no less than 310 Nm. This ensures absolutely excellent performance, even when heavily loaded.
Choice of three battery packs
The Maxus eDeliver 9 is available with three different battery packs (52, 72 or 89 kWh). Your choice also determines the driving range and the payload. If you opt for the L2H2 version with a 52 kWh battery, you will have a useful payload of 1,200 kg. If you go for the L3H2 version with 89 kWh battery, you can count on a driving range of 296 km (WLTP combined).
Battery Version payload Driving range (WLTP combined)
52 kWh L2H2 1,200 kg 186 km
72 kWh L3H2 980 kg 236 km
89 kWh L3H2 860 kg 296 km
89 kWh L3H3 1,350 kg 296 km
80% capacity after half an hour of charging
With the standard AC charger on a typical wallbox, a full charge cycle takes only 6 to 9 hours, depending on the battery chosen.

In addition, the Maxus eDeliver 9 has a DC fast charging option as standard. This allows you to charge 100 km of extra driving range in just 10 minutes. After half an hour, 80% of the battery capacity is already available.

Maximum energy regeneration
The sequential operation of the gear lever allows you to choose from three levels of energy regeneration when braking. If you go for maximum regeneration, achieving the specified WLTP driving range becomes child’s play.
High towing capacity
The outstanding powertrain performance gives the Maxus eDeliver 9 a maximum towing capacity of up to 1,500 kg, which is unique in its class. This means that you can tow a large braked trailer with the Maxus eDeliver 9.

20-80% IN +/- 35 MINUTES

204 HP
310 NM
Safety first, with the most modern driver assistance systems.
The Maxus eDeliver 9 is equipped with an extensive active safety package as standard. The equipment includes ESP, AEBS and many other systems that protect yourself, your passengers and other road users. In addition, the Maxus eDeliver 9 offers you a high level of passive safety, with a strong cage construction and numerous airbags.
Electronic Stability Program (ESP)
ESP monitors and regulates the stability of the Maxus eDeliver 9, so that you don’t get out of balance in the event of sudden swerves, in difficult bends or on a treacherous road surface.
Automatic Emergency Braking System (AEBS)
When it detects a pedestrian or other vehicle on your way, AEBS deactivates the accelerator pedal and activates the brakes to reduce the risk of a serious accident.
Frontal Collision Warning (FCW)
FCW continuously monitors your speed and distance from the vehicle in front and warns you with an audible signal if the braking distance is no longer safe.
Lane Departure Warning (LDW)
LDW monitors the markings on the road with a camera. If you change lanes without using your turn signal, you will be warned with an audible signal.
Six airbags
The Maxus eDeliver 9 comes standard with a driver airbag, a dual passenger airbag, two side airbags and two curtain airbags.
Lane Change Assistance (LCA)
If you want to change lanes while another vehicle is rapidly approaching and is already within 70 meters, LCA warns you with a sound signal and a light signal in your door mirror.
Strong cage construction
The cage construction of the Maxus eDeliver 9 is made of reinforced steel, which absorbs the force released during a collision and prevents deformation. In this way, the occupants remain maximally protected.
Blind Spot Detection (BSD)
BSD detects vehicles in the blind spot and warns you with a light signal in your door mirror.